Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I cancel my membership?
Your membership was processed though oone of our credit card processors. You may visit them to cancel your membership. In general you will need your email address, credit card number, or subscription ID to cancel. If you have lost your subscription ID, we can email it to you.

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2. What do I need to view
For this site, you can see everything regardless of whether you are on a slower dial up connection or an ultra-fast Cable or DSL connection. The difference will be the time it takes to load and download photos and videos. You may view GLT on Mac or PC, with any browser.

3. What formats are videos in?
Videos are available in High (640X480 pixels) and Low (320X240 pixels) Resolution Windows Media Files (wmv). Here is a diagram to show you the exact sizes:

4. How big are the photos?

When downloaded, my photos are at least 1200 pixels wide on the long side, so generally they are 800x1200. Depending on your screen resolution, monitor size, and browser, web display sizes may vary. Our pictures are optimized to show at the highest quality and with the fasting viewing time for you!

5. What web browser should I use to view the site?
Our site has been tested in the following web browsers:
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox

Make sure you have the current versions of your preferred web browser. Chances are it will make your viewing experience faster and will cut down on the possibility of any problems.

6. I can't seem to stream the videos in Firefox. Why?
Mozilla Firefox 1.5.2 is known to have some issues with streaming files inside of its browser. You might notice it downloads the entire file before it will play it. This can be fixed, but must be done on an individual basis. If you are not computer savvy, we suggest you view the site through another web browser. However, if you would like instructions on how to adjust your Firefox browser, you find them here. This link is provided as a helpful resource and is in no way associated with We cannot accept any responsibility for the consequences of individual surfers attempting to modify their web browsers.

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